HDPE & PVC Pipe Product Suppliers

At WEGA we pride ourselves on the quality of the products that we supply, as well as the superb customer service that clients can count on. Our piping expertise, combined with the competitive prices and superior customer service we offer, sets us apart from our competitors.

We stock and source various plastic pipes and fittings for numerous applications including compression and electro-fusion fittings, industrial hoses, thermoplastic jointing and welding solutions. We supply only SABS-approved SANS 4427-2 pipes to our customers. All products are selected for quality, durability and the reputation of manufacturers, affiliated on par with the Plastic Convertors Association of SA (PCA), Installation & Fabrication Plastics Pipe Association (IFPA) and Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturing Association (SAPPMA).

We source our HDPE pipes and fittings from many trusted and vetted suppliers to ensure we remain competitive in the market and create opportunities for reliable small businesses in our industry. We are continuously growing our product range and advancing our resources to prioritise client requirements and cater for the rising demand for our products. By leveraging our experience and product knowledge, we are able to offer technical advice and guide our clients to the ideal products based on their specific application and requirements. Selected products have co-extruded colour identification stripes: set 45° apart along the entire length of the pipe, these two stripes are colour-coded to indicate pipe type, considerably easing contractor selection of pipe loading in a yard, or inspection on site before trenches are closed.


Our HDPE Product Lines include::

  • Compression & electro-fusion fittings
  • Couplers
  • Reducers
  • End caps
  • Flange adaptors
  • Elbows
  • Equal tees
  • Tapping tees
  • Bends (we manufacture our own bends up to 250mm)
  • Industrial hoses (supply and installation)
  • Fabricated Y pieces
  • Fabricated laterals
  • Galvanised backing rings
  • HDPE stubs
  • NRV/Butterfly/RSV gate vales
  • Bolts/Nuts/Washers (to suit client specifications)
  • High- and low-density polyethylene and polypropylene extruded pipe with SABS accreditation.
  • PP (Polypropylene) PP-R piping systems and welding products





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